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What's your dream job? For many people, it's being their own boss by running their own business. While becoming the CEO of a large multinational company like Toyota is beyond the reach of 99% of us, owning and running a small business like Kitchener Waterloo Investment Properties is an achievable goal. There are many successful small business owners in your area right now. For those of you who would like to join their ranks but need a helping hand, there's "Small Business for Dummies" by Eric Tyson and Jim Schell.

What it's about

Many books on business are hopelessly complex. How can they help you sell a wedding rental in Mississauga if you can't understand them? That's where the Dummies series comes in. It outlines all aspects of owning and running a small business in terms the average person can understand. It will help you come up with ideas for a business, calculate your budget for start up, get financial backing, advertise, and deal with daily issues like taxes, customers, profits, and legal issues.

Who should read it

Anyone who is interested in buying, starting, or improving their small business would do well to read this book. It would be a great gift for your uncle with the sheet metal brake shop who can't seem to balance his books or for your daughter who has been talking about selling her paintings from home for years.

Where to find it

The Dummies series is widely available throughout the US and Canada. Bookstore chain Chapters-Indigo generally will have a copy on hand across from the books about R&B hip hop music but if not you can order it through the store or their website. "Small Business for Dummies" is also available from the publisher's website The Dummies Store. Copies retail for about 25$ new and the book is currently in its third edition.

About the authors

When you buy a book about real estate, you want it to be written by a real estate agent in Thornhill rather than a carpet salesman from Idaho. Dummies books are written by experts in the field. Eric Tyson has an MBA and has owned a financial counseling business for 20 years. Jim Schell has a degree in economics and once ran four successful businesses at the same time. Both have participated in writing several books in the Dummies series, so you can be sure they know what they're talking about.

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